Alexandre Paradis, Lawyer

Career Brief

Alexandre Paradis, who completed his bachelor’s degree at the Université Laval Faculty of Law, was called to the Québec Bar in 2004. Since his criminal law internship with the Legal Aid Bureau of Montréal, Mr. Paradis has successfully defended several clients accused of impaired driving, attempted murder, assault, fraud and drug trafficking, among other things. He practices criminal law and penal law, with a focus on crimes related to driving, economic crimes, crimes against persons and other criminal offenses.

Scope of Practice

Mr. Paradis is an associate with Poupart Touma , a firm specializing in criminal law and penal law which is made up of 9 criminal lawyers. He practices in Montréal and in every judicial district in Québec, where he pleads before the courts of first instance and the appeal courts. Mr. Paradis also appeared as a representative before the Charbonneau Commission.

Personal Profile

Mr. Paradis not only represents his clients in court but also advises them and helps them grasp the finer points of the law as well as the specifics of their cases. His professionalism and listening skills allow him to earn his clients’ trust, and he determinedly defends their rights and interests. To keep his skills sharp and maintain strong relationships with his colleagues, Mr. Paradis attends the AQAAD annual convention (Association québécoise des avocats et avocates de la défense – Québec association of defence lawyers). Mr. Paradis has been an advisor to the Montreal Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers since 2019.